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Our Building Process

Whether you own your own lot, need to purchase a lot, want to build a custom home, or start a special project with your current property, we can guide you through the process and complete your vision.  We'll listen to your ideas and your concerns and help you make decisions regarding style, design, expenses, deadlines and more.  Many important areas will be reviewed.


Site / Lot Assessment

What kind of dirt are we building on? Where is the perfect site location? Will current zoning allow what you are wanting to do?  There are many factors that go into site selection and can be a major expense of the project.  We will work with you from the beginning to help make decisions that will ultimately effect your style, design, budget, deadlines, and overal "curb appeal" of your project. 


Architectural Planning / Services

We'll guide you through the architectural selection process assuring that your project will follow the community or district guidelines.  Partner with one of our skilled architects, add your own thoughts and inspirations, and the possibilities are limitless.


Interior Design Services

With your plans complete, we will assist you with your interior finish selections.  We offer our clients flexibility and personal service.  One of our talented interior desing professionals will be available to discuss essential requirements and your personal vision, you will be introduced to style and design that will meet your individual tastes and reflect your style.



Yes, we need to know what our numbers are.  Matured relationships with reliable suppliers, vendor and sub-contractors in the Nashville market will provide us with competitive pricing.  We will provide you with a target budget number and work within those parameters.



After proper permitting with your precise set of plans, your well-detailed specifications, and your specified budget, we are set to build your new custom home, commercial project, or re-design/remodel and make a beautiful impression.


A Written Builder Limited Warranty

After the completion of the project, a full one year written warranty protects your investment on all workanship and materials unless covered by a manufacturer's limited warranty.


Scheduled Client Walk-through

Scheduled walk-throughs will occur with you during the construction process and upon final completion.


Your Service After The Sale

In the first few weeks after final completion, it is normal that you may find items that may have been missed on the walk-through or that need additional service.  A "Service Request" form will be used to address additional service needed during the Builder Limited Warranty.


Your Construction Schedule

As part of your Building Construction Agreement, you will receive a written construction schedule.  Not only will you see the progression of the construction, you will be given a timeline for decisions and selections to be made.  This results in Burnett Builders completing the project on time and ready for your occupancy.


Burnett Builders Inc
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